James Kustow

James Kustow

Having trained in SLAM and CNWL NHS Trusts, Dr Kustow is now a Consultant Psychiatrist setting up a brand new ‘Complex Care’ community-based service in Enfield which will see clients with Adult ADHD and other non-psychotic conditions. The service places more emphasis on psychotherapeutic intervention and active episodes of care than the traditional CMHT model.

Over the last few years he has developed a particular interest and specialist expertise in the diagnosis and management of Adult ADHD. He worked alongside Dr Leon Rozewicz in Edgware’s local Adult ADHD service, one of the very few London-based NHS services of its kind. He is exploring further service development opportunities in this under-resourced area. He is a member of UKAAN's Training Committee and has been involved in the development of the national training programme.

Dr Kustow has a number of other interests including Liaison (General Hospital) Psychiatry, traumatic memory and its various manifestations, and somatically-focused psychological interventions including Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Dr Kustow is the founder of the ‘Marrow’ charity, affiliated to ‘The Anthony Nolan Trust’, which is based in every UK medical school and over six other countries.

Chair – UKAAN Training sub-committee